Two and 1/2 big news!! Aaaaaah!

I have two big, big, biiiiig announcements for you today! And one small one on top of it all! I have been working on both of these projects basically non-stop in the last couple of weeks and I am proud to finally announce both of them.

First up the, for me personally, bigger news: On September 2nd there will be a new book! Yaaaaaaay!

I had so much fun creating my debut, The Anatomy of Waves, from scratch that right after it was done, my mind started working on the next one and soon after, I began writing and creating.

Welcome Home Dear Soul is a little book that is hard to describe. It is not a poetry collection but not a novel either. Maybe it would fall into the categories short story or novella, but it still does not feel right. It was created in a flow state, almost a stream of consciousness, but not with my own voice and mind. The easiest I can summarize it, is this:

Welcome Home Dear Soul is a poetic encounter with death.

It is visual, enchanting, personal and may be triggering for some people. Trigger Warnings for death (well, obviously), grief, brief mentions of suicide, hate crimes and child death.

The cover was, once again, designed by me and looks like this:

As with my last book, the pre-order for the ebook is already open, the print version will only be available on September 2nd due to technical reasons I cannot control.

You can order it here

To celebrate, I also made a SALE on The Anatomy of Waves
until the release date of Welcome Home Dear Soul!

From August 6th until September 2nd the ebook for The Anatomy of Waves will be available for cheap (prices depend on your country but should be around 1,99€). Check it out here!

But don’t click off just yet, there is another exciting announcement!

I will be hosting a Skillshare class!

Yaaaaaaaaay x2 !!

My Skillshare class, How To Write Poetry That Has An Impact, will go live within the month of August, the final date is not set in stone yet (I will make sure to update this post once I know for sure).

I am super excited, as I had this on my bucket list for my career and now it is already here and I am working non-stop on my class. I really hope people will enjoy watching it and create art that they love.

If you have Skillshare, please check it out. And if you haven’t, maybe give it a try. If you sign up via my link right here until September 30th, you get a full month of Premium for free! So you can watch my class (and any other), without paying a single cent and you still support me big time!

Thank you so much for your love and support this past year, it means the world to me. Let me know what you think of my Skillshare class and my books, I am always open for feedback.

Stay safe, stay happy.


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