You want to support me and my work but you don’t know how?
Here are some possible options:

Follow & support on Social Media

The easiest way for you to support someone like me (as an artist, freelancer or simply as a person) is to follow and support on Social Media. For many things in life, numbers count (unfortunately). So, if you want and if you can, consider following me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
Also, feel free to comment, like and share my content on these platforms as this is helping A LOT with the algorithms.

Become a patron

If you have a euro or two to spare and would like some exclusive behind-the-scenes content and bi-weekly overviews of my work & art, consider becoming a patron on Patreon. You will never miss out on anything I do, get to see things no one else gets to see and you help me buy tea, new seeds for the garden or simply being freer to work on my passion projects like my books, Azorean Stories and more.

Become a Patron!

Talk to your friends

100% for free and a massive help is talking to your friends and family about my work. You never know what could happen next. They could become interested in my writing or remember me when they need help by a freelancer. It might seem insignificant, but it actually means the world to me.

Refer to my work

If you know someone that needs a translation, a text, someone to edit their work or someone who is looking for a young author, please refer to my work. It could be a friend who needs help with their business, it could be a stranger on the internet or it could be within the company that you are working for (even when you do not work in that field within the company). Referring my work to potential clients is HUGE.

Write Reviews

If you have read one of my books or have participated in my Skillshare class, please consider leaving a review. This helps a lot with algorithms and shows other potential readers/writers that they can trust me and what I have to offer. You can review the books on Amazon, Goodreads, StoryGraph, your own social media or wherever you post about books and my Skillshare class can be reviewed right here.

Join me on Skillshare

In August of 2021 I released my first Skillshare class about writing poetry. If you have any interest in writing or joining Skillshare in general, please consider signing up via my link (I get a small commission) and if you have the time and the interest, please watch my entire course in normal or slow speed (I get paid by the minute). If you are extra eager you can leave a review and/or engage with the projects or the discussions within the class, as this helps with the algorithm.

Send me a message

Last but not least you can always reach out to me and let me know you are there. Creating art, especially in this loud and quick digital age, can be very lonely and exhausting. Imposter syndrome is also a real thing. To receive small messages like „Hey, I love your work“ really makes my day and gives me the motivation to push forward. Thank you to everyone who reaches out.

Thank you for your support,
in whatever way you express it.

It means so much to me. ❤️