My Stories

I am a storyteller, not only about my story but also about stories from the Azores Archipelago and nature. Find out more:

My Books & Poetry

The Anatomy of Wavesa poetry collection about the healing of trauma and finding belonging

Welcome Home Dear Soula poetic story, meeting Death herself

 The Eloquence of Hurricanes – a poetry collection about resilience, climate change, heartbreak and hope.

My Videos

On my YouTube Channel I am showing you how island life looks for me, I share media recommendations (books, movies, etc), I talk about sustainability and gardening and I am also telling my own story in the „My Story“ series.

Here is part 1 of my own story:

And here is my favorite video I ever made:

My Essays & Articles

I write essays and articles, mostly on Medium.

Here is a selection of my favorite articles to date:

Azorean Stories

Azorean Stories is a passion project in which I tell the stories of the amazing island people of the Azores Archipelago. I cannot invest as much time into it as I would like, but I am very proud of the project.

(This project is currently on hold)

More videos I am very proud of: