Books and Writing

My life has always been formed by the magic of words and stories. I feel drawn to pen and paper, there are whole worlds pulsing through my veins, mystical creatures live in my dreams and adventurous stories fill the open void of a rainy afternoon.

I am an aspiring novel author. My genres are memoir, fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary fiction.

I also write articles and essays.

My debut book, The Anatomy of Waves, is a poetry collection and a love letter to all the versions of myself that I never was and to my home made of waves and lava. It is the first book in the Island Elements Series.

My second book, Welcome Home Dear Soul, is a poetic encounter with death.My third book is a sequel to The Anatomy of Waves and the second book in the Island Elements Series.

The Eloquence of Hurricanes is a poetry collection about resilience, climate change, heartbreak and hope.

Signed copies are available – contact me via e-Mail if you are interested! Each personally ordered copy will also include a free bookmark with Pico Mountain as a design

You can order them here

Aside from my poetry, I also have the Azores Travel Journal available. You can purchase it in English or in German

More books to come