My Freelance Work

Since 2019 I’ve been working freelance as a writer, translator and editor and constantly educate myself to offer the best service possible. Not only in the craft but also in the topics I am passionate about.

I specialize in storytelling and sustainability
This means I focus on personal narratives and emotional connections in my writing. As an environmentalist, I also have strong values, a burning passion, and a broad knowledge when it comes to sustainability and protecting our planet.

My work values:

  • clear and honest communication
  • mutual respect in terms of communication, time, and payment
  • No greenwashing or pro-capitalistic work
  • No support of companies or values that hurt or discriminate against others

What I Offer

All services are available in GERMAN and ENGLISH.

    Articles, advertorials, any kind of text.
    I specialize in storytelling and sustainability.
  • TRANSLATIONS (German / English)
  • SUBTITLES (also translations of subtitles)
  • EDITING (of text)
    Any kind of feedback that you might need, from brainstorming, problem-solving to developing ideas.
    If you need a creative to work on a project, I might be the one for you.

Prices upon request


German / native

English / fluent

Portuguese / A1 (learning)



Articles (selection, all in English)

Examples for my SEO writing (selection, German):

Portraits on Azorean Stories (my current project, English)

Clients include:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any requests or questions.
I look forward to hearing from you!


You can also hire me via Fiverr


  • I have worked for one of the biggest SEO agencies in Germany (as a writer & translator).
  • Long experience as a blogger and content creator online (see: Projects) and have been writing articles for various workplaces and clients over the years.
  • Certificate from the University of Michigan:
    Storytelling for Social Change
  • Employment as project manager for the „Young Danube / Junge Donau“
    in International Marketing (focus on the storytelling method)
    at Bavaria Tourism until Dec 2020

Academic Education

Bachelor of Arts Major
in Social & Cultural Anthropology

at the LMU Munich

Bachelor of Arts Minor
in something easiest summarized as „diverse history and archaeology

Studied Master of Arts
Archaeology of Mesopotamia“
for a while but Azores got in the way

Courses & Knowledge:

Knowledge of Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, and WordPress.
Experience with content management in Typo3 and Contentful.
Experience with project management tools like Slack, Teams, Asana, etc.

  • Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking
    by Harvard University
  • Writing for Social Justice
    by University of California, Berkley
  • From the Ground Up: Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems
    by the SDG Academy
  • The Ocean MOOC: One Planet, One Ocean
    by the SDG Academy
    currently taking