Just the way I love to write stories I also write poetry. There will be some bits and pieces published on my Instagram page. If any are published in a magazine or elsewhere, I will let you know here.

My first poetry collection, The Anatomy of Waves, was published on March 19, 2021. It is a love letter to all the versions of myself that I never was and to my home made of waves and lava.

This poetry collection is divided into five chapters forming a story of loss, trauma, joy, ocean waves, islands, finding a home and oneself. They sing from breaking and healing, from running and arriving. Inspired by the nature of the Azores and the wonders of the soul, these poems will take you on a journey deep inside yourself. Be careful, you might get lost in your own wilderness.

My second poetry collection, The Eloquence of Hurricanes, was published on June 25, 2022. It is a darker collection, focusing on nature, climate change, broken hearts, friendships and hope. It is an exquisite balance between the beauty and terror of life.

My second book, Welcome Home Dear Soul, is not a poetry collection, but it is written in a poetic way. It is a conversation with death.

You can order them here