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Olá & Servus everyone! I think it is about time to reintroduce myself here 🥰 Hey, I'm Tasmin and I am a writer and empath that is always up for stories and knowledge and wants to make the world a little bit better. My online name is tasmetu, like the old mesopotamian goddess. My two nicknames are "sunshine" and "the witch" – which tells you a lot about me, I guess. My roots are in Munich, Germany but currently I am living on Pico, a volcanic island in the Azores, the portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic. I am passionate about a lot of things (from equality to astronomy to bunnies there is a LOT that I am interested in) and I am growing a little bit every day, trying to learn something new constantly. Currently I am on a journey to deeply reconnect with Mother Nature and how to be of service for my island community. Using what I am good at (listening, writing, storytelling and my cultural anthropology degree), I created (link in bio) @azoreanstories – a page where I tell the stories of amazing island people. It is currently still in the making but soon the first portraits will be up. I don't know where the Universe will take me next but I learned to trust it no matter what. My intuition and my spirituality are my guides. Thank you for following me on my path, I really appreciate that you see and hear me. Nothing but Love Tasmin 🌈 PS: If you think someone deserves less than you bc of their ethnicity / skin color / gender / sexuality / body shape / abilities / anything really, you feel threatened by the concept of equality and/or you don't take climate change seriously, please leave my page. Thank you.

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