About Me

Tasmin Hansmann is a queer storyteller, writer, poet and dreamer.

Her first two books „The Anatomy of Waves“ and „Welcome Home Dear Soul“ came out in 2021. She loves to create things – photographs, videos, art, food and homes made out of words. She has a degree in Social & Cultural Anthropology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and a passion for knowledge in a vast range of topics, including sustainability.

Her online pseudonym is Tasmetu – from the ancient Mesopotamian Tashmetum, goddess of sex and wisdom, who was also known as „The Lady Who Listens“ and the wife of Nabû, God of Writers.

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, she has lost her heart to the Azores Archipelago and is creating a life and community on Pico Island. Her story is a long one and she does not hesitate to share it.

She is the founder of Azorean Stories, a passion project that highlights amazing people from the Portuguese island archipelago.

She is working as a freelance writer & translator and is an active teacher on Skillshare.

Pronouns: she/her