Coming Up

My dream is to become a full-time author one day. So, I am working hard on the many (many, many, MANY) ideas stuck in my brain. I usually do not like to share much of the process (except on Patreon), but here is a tiny sneak peak into my wild, creative brain & the things I am working on:

Island Elements Poetry Collections

The Anatomy of Waves“ was my first poetry collection but definitely not my last. I am planning on making an elements-themed poetry series, with „The Anatomy of Waves“ standing for the element of water. The „Eloquence of Hurricanes“, the second book, stands for air.
The next book will probably be released in 2025.

Azores Memoir

I have written a memoir about my journey of healing and moving to these tiny islands in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, german agencies & publishers were not interested in this work. So, once I have digested my frustration caused by the rejections, I will translate it into English and try again or maybe self-publish.

Revenge of the Gods – Nature-based Fantasy

I am in the middle of writing a nature-based standalone fantasy novel in which the ancient gods awake and take revenge on humanity for what we have done to the planet. It tackles hard questions, from what each of us deserves to how a good future could look like. And of course: Will we be able to even stop the gods before it is too late?

Rockstar Novel – but queer & very different

My guilty pleasure books are rockstar romances and stories. But I have never found one that is unproblematic and/or as queer as I would like. So, I decided to write my own. I hope to find a publisher for this, once the manuscript is far enough to show to agencies & publishers.

Marco Polo Retelling

A project I have been working on for multiple years by now is a retelling of Marco Polo. After I fell in love with the Netflix show „Marco Polo“ I became obsessed with the Mongol Empire and the legend of Marco Polo. So I decided to write a feminist, queer, gender-swapped story about the most famous traveler of all time. Unfortunately, I could not bring my research books to the Azores so far, so this is paused until I am reunited with my entire shelf about the history of Mongolia.

Other book ideas

I have many more book ideas that I will not elaborate on just yet. Like a duology about two female friends growing apart, multiple fantasy stories, a sci-fi book set in a world of wilderness, or stories about witches, lava and forests. My list of ideas is long, but books take time and love. Let’s see what will see the light of day.

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