Coming Up

My dream is to become a full-time author one day. So, I am working hard on the many (many, many, MANY) ideas stuck in my brain. I usually do not like to share much of the process (except on Patreon), but here is a tiny sneak peak into my wild, creative brain & the things I am working on:

Elements Poetry Collections

The Anatomy of Waves“ was my first poetry collection but definitely not my last. I am planning on making an elements-themed poetry series, with „The Anatomy of Waves“ standing for the element of water.
The next book will release in 2022.

Azores Memoir

I have written a memoir about my journey of healing and moving to these tiny islands in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, german agencies & publishers were not interested in this work. So, once I have digested my frustration caused by the rejections, I will translate it into English and try again or maybe self-publish.

Rockstar Romance – but queer & very different

My guilty pleasure books are rockstar romances. But I have never found one that is unproblematic and/or queer. So, I decided to write my own. I hope to find a publisher for this, once the manuscript is far enough to show to agencies & publishers.

Marco Polo Retelling

A project I have been working on for multiple years by now is a retelling of Marco Polo. After I fell in love with the Netflix show „Marco Polo“ I became obsessed with the Mongol Empire and the legend of Marco Polo. So I decided to write a feminist, queer, gender-swapped story about the most famous traveler of all time. Unfortunately, I could not bring my research books to the Azores so far, so this is paused until I am reunited with my entire shelf about the history of Mongolia.

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