A new Skillshare class & what to expect in 2022

Hello guys, it has been six months and a new website design since I last posted! I hope you like the new look 🙂

New Skillshare class

Today, I published my second Skillshare class „Writing and Creating Within A Crisis„, which I am super proud of! It is a class designed for all writers and authors and other artists that struggle with their creativity. There will be other courses and classes in the future, mostly on Skillshare, but also on other platforms, such as Galileo XP.

What to expect in 2022

I am currently (in the month of February) taking a step back in my freelance work to redirect my focus and figure out where I want to go in my second year of being a full-time creative. When I first started, I basically had zero preparation time and felt overwhelmed and made many mistakes. Now, I am in a position where I can reflect and prepare for the steps ahead.

The baseline is simple: I want to write books. That is my end goal. That books are my main income and that writing them is my main activity. Also, I want to implement environmentalism and climate activism in my work.

I have published two books last year, The Anatomy of Waves and Welcome Home Dear Soul. Both were in the genre of poetry and self-published. There will be a third book this summer, the follow-up to The Anatomy of Waves. But I also want to publish novels, one of which I am working on right now.

I also want to focus more on writing articles about topics dear to my heart. I started doing that at the beginning of my freelance journey, but it did not earn me any money, so I had to focus on other things instead. Because of this I also had to pause my passion project Azorean Stories, which breaks my heart, but there are only so many hours in the day and so much creativity in one writer’s head. But throughout 2022, I want to get back to what I truly love and believe in, step by step.

I am currently on a YouTube and Instagram break, but will return eventually. However, I will no longer upload on YT once a week, as this is an activity that takes away huge amounts of my time and energy and does not really serve my business or my personal goals enough to justify spending so many hours every single week. There are also other reasons, which I have discussed on my Patreon page.

As mentioned above, I will continue making classes and I will also continue offering my freelance services. But with a new focus on sustainability and provoking change towards a better future.

So I hope there will be many more happy posts and announcements here soon!

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