I published my first (and currently only) novella on September 2nd, 2021. It is called „Welcome Home Dear Soul“ and it is a poetic encounter with death herself. It is a story from the perspective of an unnamed narrator processing the possibility of death, the beauty of life, and the chance of new beginnings.

The story came to me in a moment of deep grief and spirituality when I was on the verge of losing someone I had thought was invincible.

The end and beginning of all things. Holy, sacred, scary, and beautiful. If you ever wondered what happens after your last breath, this is for you.

Praise for „Welcome Home Dear Soul“

Ania from Well Traveled Books: „I used this book as a journal when my grandma passed away and I can’t recommend it enough if you are processing grief.“

Dr Robert Graham (on Amazon): „I found this a really haunting read. Told through the voice of death, it focuses on the things that link us all, the consequences of our actions, the importance of love. The layout of the poetry and the illustrations add to the impact of the book; it made me reflect and take time out to consider what really matters. Thank you“

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