Living on the Azores

I am originally from Germany but have decided to spend most of my time on the Azores Archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic. Moving to and living on the Azores, specifically Pico Island, is not always easy, but the wonderful people and the spectacular nature make up for it.

I was first introduced to the archipelago in 2015 and made a 7-month internship on Pico Island in 2018. Since then, I have lost my heart to Pico and all the other Azorean islands I was honored to visit. In 2019, I bought a one-way ticket to Pico and shortly after met my now-partner. After some back and forth, the pandemic with its heavy lockdown and travel ban on the Azores became the final straw of me settling on Pico for good. I grew a lot as a person during those years, became a gardener and environmentalist and published my first books. In early 2022 we bought an old stone house and renovated it ourselves for the next two years. Now we not only live in our home but also share it with two adorable kittens.

Important Note: If you have any questions about island life / moving to the Azores, etc, please make sure you have watched my Q&A videos and the many videos in which I talk about island life before contacting me via e-Mail. If you have specific questions, feel free to join my Patreon and write me a message there, I will be happy to get back to you that way. I unfortunately cannot get back to all the e-Mails I receive regarding island questions.

Follow my life on YouTube

On my YouTube Channel I am showing you how island life looks like for me, I share media recommendations (books, movies, etc), I talk about sustainability and gardening and I am also telling my own story in the „My Story“ series. I have also documented the process of renovating our 200 year old stone house on Pico.

On my channel, you will not only see the good, happy moments. I have dedicated that online space to telling the raw and honest truth about island life with all its wonders and miseries.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite videos about island life:


Azorean Stories

Azorean Stories is a passion project in which I tell the stories of the amazing island people of the Azores Archipelago. I cannot invest as much time into it as I would like, but I am very proud of the project.

(This project is currently on hold due to lack of funding. If you want to support, learn more here)