The Future of Me

I have made a decision. I will become the version of myself that I always wanted to be.

In a long process of unlearning, reflection and education – that will probably continue until I die – I discovered all those layers of fear and societal pressures wrapped around my true self. And one by one, I am shedding them, revealing the future of Me.

In the last weeks, I had to make life-changing choices. I had to face a lot of things I’d rather ignore or run away from. In my private life just as much as in my career. It is an exhausting process. But it’s making me stronger.

It is all official now, the paperwork is done and signed. I am a writer. A full-time, self-employed writer. It still feels surreal and somehow courageous to say it out loud. And I have decided to manifest all the other parts of myself that were held in a cage for far too long.

I am kind. I am wild. I am curious. I am confident. I am worthy. I am love. I am brave. I am strong. I am skilled. I am determined. I am creative. I am art. I am a creator. I am nature. I am humble. I am responsible. I am accountable. I am trying my best. I have an impact. I am where I am supposed to be. I am moving. I am flowing. I am growing. I am free.

And, of course: I am a writer. A storyteller, a listener and documenter, a researcher, an editor, a translator, a keeper, a reader, a poet.

I decided to share this journey with you via Social Media and this page. For me, becoming a freelancer is not only about money, finding and serving customers or working in my own time. It is about being the self that I always wanted to be. That I am meant to be. I am the guardian to my own happiness and the author of my own life story.

And I decided to pick up the pen and write.

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