Here I Am

I’ve had this domain for years now and always wanted to make a website and somehow I never did (you know, life and stuff). But today is the day. So… Hi! Hello! Nice to meet you! Here I am, this is me, Tasmin.

I am a writer, storyteller, aspiring author, empath and creative. I love to create all kinds of things – from a herb garden to photographs to fictional worlds.

Born & raised in southern Germany (close to Munich) I now live in Portugal. On the Azores, to be exact, a group of nine tiny islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to learn more about my story, I’ve written it out for you.

In the past, I had a booktube channel, a podcast, a travel blog and other projects. If you wanna know more, I made a handy little list with some references for you. You also find more information on my current project, Azorean Stories, there.

I am an aspiring author, always writing and trying to make it in the german publishing world (it is pretty hard to be honest). My genres are travel-memoir, fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary fiction. Under my english-writing pseudonym A.J. Ray I am also dipping my toes into the romance genre. While multiple books are finished, none are published (yet!). I am working on that and keep you updated on here.

Since writing, creating and innovating are my specialty and talent, I work freelance as well. So if you want someone motivated and full of ideas for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer articles, blog posts and books – with credit or as a ghostwriter. I speak & write in german and english.

Also, if you need a personal tour guide on the Azores, I am trained in this as well and offer this service upon request.

Besides my creative interests and projects, I am also passionate about sustainability, different cultures around the globe, structures of society, food and nature and gardening/farming, creating community, spirituality, psychology, equality, astronomy, biology and traveling. Yes, I know it is a lot, just ask my poor overflowing bookshelf. I love to learn new things, listen to different perspectives and grow through knowledge.

Thanks for reading until the end.

Lots of Love,

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