Portfolio & Qualifications

Portfolio & Qualifications

Besides writing my own books I am also a freelance writer for articles, advertorials, blog posts or ebooks. Usually I work with credit but I can also be hired as a ghostwriter.

A detailed list of what services I offer.

I specialize in storytelling.
This means I focus on personal narratives and emotional connections in my writing. Biographies, portraits, individual experiences (e.g. travel or emotional transformation) or stories that have an impact and stand for a greater cause are my strong suit. But I am always open to different opportunities as I am generally a very curious person (as you can read in my introduction).

Contact me via info(at)tasmin-hansmann.de for more information and commissions.


I work for a SEO agency in a consistent work cooperation (as a writer & translator)

Long experience as a blogger and content creator online
(see: Projects) and have been writing articles for various workplaces and clients over the years.

Certificate from the University of Michigan:
Storytelling for Social Change

Employment as project manager for the „Young Danube / Junge Donau“
in International Marketing (focus on the storytelling method)
at Bavaria Tourism until Dec 2020

Bachelor of Arts Major
in Social & Cultural Anthropology
at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Bachelor of Arts Minor
in something easiest summarized as „diverse history and archaeology
at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Studied Master of Arts in
Archaeology of Minor Asia / Mesopotamia
for a while but Azores got in the way (read about my story)

Courses & Knowledge:

  • Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking
    by Harvard University
    edX Course completed
  • From the Ground Up: Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems
    by the SDG Academy
    edX Course completed


German / native

English / fluent

Portuguese / A1 (learning)



Articles (all in english)

Examples for my SEO Work:

Portraits on Azorean Stories (my current project)

References from Bayern Tourismus Marketing (german, while working for the company)

References from the seabreeze Travel Magazine (articles, all in german):

  • Articles about the Azores / to be released soon